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Thank you for tuning in to our online radio station. LoudTown Radio station is one of the many online radio stations in the world, what makes us unique is that we play a great collection of music and this is so because we give chance to any one who wants to broadcast a slot to do so. Our main aim is to promote upcoming artist and deejays mostly from our local talents here in Kenya.

At LoudTown Radio we believe everyone has something in him /her of which well natured it can help change the world we live in. Music plays a great role in the society since the times of our great grandparent up to today. It does not matter what genre of music you specialize in, the lyrics is all what makes the difference and determine wether you music will be a hit or not. All said one should not be afraid of trying because practice makes progress, who know one day you will make it to the top charts.

Spoken word poetry is a combination of music and poetry. Most people are yet to embrace this type of theatrical performance. In Kenya spoken word poetry artist are yet to hit the big scenes in the performing industry, the greatest hit spoken word poetry in Kenya was word by RABBIT - SWAHILI SHAKESPEARE as compared to the USA there are many artist who perform spoken word poetry. Our hope more artist will embrace this performing art.

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We are currently looking for show host run Shows of their choice. If interested please contact us through info@loudtownradio.tk.